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Multi-usage processing platform for GPON / X-GPON


NIVA XGPON/PON Multiprocessing Platform

The NIVA PON Plaform is a unique multi-usage PON processing platform with GPON and XGPON capabilities in the same compact equipment.
Sofware License can turn on your NIVA PON Platform in a powerful GPON/XGPON Analyzer or in an OLT emulator


For ONUs certification and troubleshooting  

"The official test bench for BBF-247 ONU certification"

The NIVA GPON/XGPON PLATFORM is a multiprocessing FTTH PLATFORM which is GPON chipset independent.

The new test equipment NIVA PON Platform is a very powerful hardware, state-of-the art FPGA, allowing for complete signal analysis/generation, even at the highest bandwidth and dedicated to FTTH PON Applications.

NIVA GPON/XGPON platform may be configurated to work as either an analyzer or an OLT emulator, in a tiny form factor providing high level and unique optical analysis.

The PON platform is controlled through a network connection (Ethernet/WiFi, configurated for either LAN or WAN access) from a regular PC installed with the proper GUI software (GPON/XG-PON/...,

The passive probe allow you to tap the link as well on OLT
side than ONT/ONU side.

Applications :

Qualification of active equipment like ONT and  OLT GPON/FTTH
Interoperability test certification for laboratory
• R&D application / chipset development,
• Performance test for application qualification,
IP-TV and VoIPvalidation by content analysis,
Troubleshooting on GPON configuration,
• Field expertise and troubleshooting
• Certification/standard testing (BBF.247, BBF, WT-255,...),

Features :
Realtime and postcapture analysis of GPON stream
• Exchange analysis of ITU G.984.1/2/3 et G.988 message
GTC analysis
• Automatic GEM port and VLAN IDS detection
PLOAM and OMCI message filtered
DBA Analysis
AES decode
• Full XML export for PLOAM and OMCI exchange.
OMCI diagram
• Independent Export of MIB OMCI and MIB browser,


Form factor : 18 x 18 x 3 cm
Power : 12V. A universal power block is provided (100/240 V - 50/60 Hz)
Data interfaces : 3 SFP + (up to 10 Gb/s) - 1 10 Gb/s XFP
Control interface : 1 1000 Base T Ethernet, Wifi
Weight : 700 g (with no transceivers installed, and no power block)


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