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Real Time Non Intrusive ADSL/ADSL2+ analyzer NIVA WAVETEL


NEW Product !
For ONUs qualification
 "eOLT-GPON  OLT emulator "


Real-Time, High performance and non intrusive ADSL/ADSL2+ analyzer.

The ADSL NIVA Analyzer provides a complete overview of ADSL line physical parameters and a deep decoding of protocol exchanges between the Modems (ATU-R / CPE) and DSLAMs (ATU-C / CO) in real time and high impedance without disturbing the installation..

The decoded protocols concern the ADSL (G.994 / G.922.1 G.922.3 G.992.5) physical layers, the ATM (cellules EOC / OAM) layers as well as the IP applicative protocols thanks to a data extraction in Pcap format.

The XDSL NIVA protocol analyzer relies on an efficient hardware architecture made of an high impedance probe, an high speed acquisition board and a PC platform allowing to implement advanced technics of the signal processing.


• Qualification of DSLAM and ATU-C (CO equipment) as well as Modem (CPE Equipment).
Interoperability test in laboratory environnement for certification purpose for example.
Troubleshooting test on ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ lines.


Reatime and post capture analisys
• ADSL and ADSL 2 + supported
• Analysis of G.994.1/G.992.1/G.992.3/G.992.5 protocols
IP capture with PCAP file format, Wireshark compliant
ADSL/ADSL2+ results :SNR/Bit rate/Attenuation)
• Spectrum analysis

• Generation of XML Reports

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